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Friday, April 27, 2007

what happened...

Several of you called to make sure we are ok... thank you!
I usually update once a week and it's been a few weeks so sorry for leaving you lost... this time, it wasn't me but all about Andryusha.
A few days after visiting our pediatrician, Andryusha started to develop a weird rash between his legs... it progressed further and spread to the fingers and toes and he then developed a low grade fever.... we were baffled as this has never happened before. Yes, our baby has a very sensitive skin and gets diaper rashes easily but these were little blisters and he looked sick...
At the same time, Raymond had to leave for work to Dallas for 4 days (first time ever) and I was all by myself taking care of the baby and it's been rough on me. The pediatrician said that only time would tell if this was an allergy or chickenpox... of course, we were scared. I called home to see if I was at risk; luckily, I had chickenpox when I was a child ... after a few more days and lots of Benadryl it started to fade away -- it appears that we've experienced some sort of an allergic reaction. Then this week just as we were getting better he got a major diarrhea and a severe diaper rash with lots of pain. Oh, how blessed we were during my struggles with cancer; I don't know that we could have handled two sick people in the household. Only now, I look and I say "Thank you, God!" for keeping our baby healthy all this time -- I prefer to be sick than see him suffer! Anyway, we are almost back to normal now -- that's our scoop....

Oh, one more important update: a very amazing surprise ... our dear friends in Cali are participating in a triathlon benefiting Leukemia and Lymphoma society, and I am one of the honorees! The race is on May 5 - May 6, 2007. The Wildflower Triathlons is the second-largest triathlon in the world! They are doing 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run and their goal is $10,000 -- I was amazed to find out that they are at $4,200! (for some reason the web only shows the web donations and not the grand total). At one point I wanted to get involved and train for some sort of marathon and pretty quickly realized I am just not ready on my behalf please support them if you can!!! THANK YOU!!!


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