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Monday, May 07, 2007

How I hate this disease....

I am shocked and heart-broken over Alese's passing ...
It looked like she would pull through once again but no ... I know pneumonia can be life threatening and that her body was all worn out after all the treatments (for me the pneumonia treatment was just as hard as the chemo) yet it's still too hard for me to comprehend why this happened to her. Her mom so eloquently summed it up: "...Heal our hearts and allow us to move forward with the same courage, grace and dignity that Alese lived her life." I can only hope that my remaining journey will be on the path of service to others filled with courage, grace and dignity.

The only other positive news is that our friend Aman successfully completed the marathon this weekend; Raymond and I are so amazed - he did a total of 56.5 km and together they've raised $5,256!!! Now, their goal is $10,000 and Elizabeth will be doing her marathon in June so there is still time to support them. Here is their web page where you can contribute securely online - THANK YOU!!!


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