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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To a new beginning… indeed

A historical moment for America today and perhaps for the world at large as Barack Obama was sworn into power as the new President of the US. It was heartwarming to see so much hope and unity in the record outpouring masses of people who believe that a stronger US and a better world is going to come with this new President.

Is this a new beginning? Yes, to an extent, it is very new as this country never had an African American president before. While laying down on the sofa, wrapped up in blankets and overcoming yet another flu and watching the inauguration I could not get rid of the feeling that I’ve seen these familiar emotions of the masses before. And then, when the parade began it dawned on me ….. Yes, the very same feeling of new beginning was in the air when JFK was elected as a young and very promising President. And I could sense the tension of broadcasters as they explained the new security measures that have been taken to protect the president. A shadow in the car or the figure through the thick glass is all we get these days – all in efforts of preventing any sort of assassination attempt (those who watched the inauguration will understand what I mean). There is a theory that the world develops in a spiral way, repeating itself but on a new level and today I would have to agree with it as not even 50 years have passes sine JFK, and today people are experiencing similar emotions but on a new level of civilized unity and politeness not seen before. I am glad everything went smooth as planned.

If the new president would ask me what is my wish that he could fulfill (I am dreaming here, alright) I’d say to keep promulgating the message of unity and peace among all people and countries of the world; and to support this main message with actions that would mark his name in history not only as the first African American President but as the President who fulfilled and accomplished the promises he gave in his eloquent speeches during his campaign. Finally, it would be nice to get permission and funding for stem cell research that has been on moratorium for the last 8 years but in retrospect to the previous requests it’s just an added bonus.

Well, as for me, I am still here…. alive and well, December scan showed no cancer except for uptake in the sinus and throat due to never ending throat cough and flu. Andryusha started going part time to enrichment pre-school every day and since then I am on a mission to be up and about by 8 am – a very hard task for me till this day. The scheduled life is so hard on me that I had to make conscious decision to just cut some things out to allow for more rest with my increased responsibilities. It’s been 6 months since the last post and during this time we survived hurricane Ike – we’ve been blessed with only minor damage which resulted in roof replacement and kitchen remodel. We experienced a week long episode of ‘Survivor’ - an interesting week without electricity but still blessed with water and decent weather and frankly I enjoyed a week with no TV, Internet, school, phone calls, cooking or laundry. We’ve been blessed with great neighbors – everyone came out in the afternoon to chat, get updates or help each other where possible while the kids had a blast playing together like I did in the 80s. Yep, back then there were no computers or Wii and we had plays with real kids in the great outdoors and no one was afraid to be stolen or kidnapped. I am happy our neighborhood kids were forced to come out and get to know each other – they now hang out more often together.

Also, we’ve celebrated 4 birthdays – my dad turned 60, Andryusha is now 3 and we are still in our 30s (hence, all the new music in my play list). Then came the holidays with hectic school activities; I didn’t dare shopping cause it didn’t feel like recession whatsoever in our town – crowds were everywhere. Also, Raymond has been working out of town many of the weekends; and finally, in between all these happenings I’ve been still getting sick – hence, no posts for 6 months.

I suspect this new year is not going to change much but perhaps even demand more from me as I still hope to get back to work at some point in time – I am getting stronger and have more and more good days and since it’s been 2 years since the transplant I am greatly relieved emotionally knowing that my chances of relapse are only 5 percent. I am quietly happy to know that I’ve made it and perhaps some day I will be able to tell the full story without tears. May be I’ll even find the time to write the book – the blog has most of the facts but much of emotional drama is untold.

Everything happens for a reason and all for best. Cancer was very rough but it made me a better person and hopefully a better wife and mom. Hurricane did a lot of damage and destruction but united neighbors and communities. United States had a rough 8 years with struggling economy, devastating terrorist attacks and wars beyond the stretch limits but in turn it made the people ready for the change with the new party in change and history marking President. So even out of something utterly bad spirals up something beautiful and good.

I thank you all for walking along my journey – I could not have made it without you. I thank MD Anderson for saving my life. I thank my son and my husband for being there for me every minute till this day. And I thank God for showing me the meaning of life and giving me a chance to fulfill it. For now, this blog has served its purpose – it is time to close the cancer chapter of my live and live happily ever after.

Not a farewell -- just a "Good bye! Poka!"

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