Natalia's journey

In reality our entire family news will be shared through this blog as our baby grows and as we fight cancer.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am home and I am done!

Yes, I made it! I was actually released from hospital on Tuesday, 9/26.
I am too weak to say much about the experience … really, there are no words ... other than a human body can be stretched a whole lot and I’ve witnessed it myself after not eating or drinking anything for 8 days straight. I never thought this was possible but I am alive though 15 pounds lighter, very light headed and weak. I still have nausea and vomiting (mostly because of medications) and my throat hurts but I don’t complain. I am just happy to be done! My son is healthy and beautiful, and husband is so loving and kind – what more could I want?!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Natalie's condition

Dear friends, thank you for all the calls. Natalie is in good condition so far and she is allowed visitors (2 at a time). Her room at MD Anderson is G1165. They do not allow any flowers or plants on the floor; she is also not allowed any fresh fruits or vegetables or raw nuts but she may have them only if they are thoroughly cooked. Also, if you are sick or suspect you may have any infection or virus it's probably better to not visit at this time. Thank you for your support and willingness to help!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wish me luck!

Well, folks, today I will be checking in to the MD Anderson hospital for the auto transplant. I can do it!! Some of you did it and you are my inspiration and encouragement. In fact, I hope to emerge as a better person in all aspects: more spiritual, more virtuous (patient, kind and loving) and surely healthier than before. I don't know if I will be able to write or update but will do my best if I can.

Thank you all for all the prayers, the positive vibes and the flood of e-mails and post cards. I cherish them all and I would not be here with out all of you. I am still on 7th heaven (felt so good to cry out of happiness) :) . I wish you all the very best!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Yes - REMISSION at last!!!

I am so happy and so ecstatic – today is the best day of the year thus far!!! We’ve been waiting to hear this for 10 long months!

My PET is NEGATIVE and my oncologists think I am in remission and ready for transplant. I also saw the BMT onc -- they want to proceed with the auto SCT ASAP since I finally achieved remission. So far, looks like I'll start the transplant next Thursday -- I'll get a new combination of drugs (trial study) for the monster chemo: Busulfan & Melphalan (BM) instead of the traditional BEAM. I should be done by the end of the month in time of Andryusha’s first birthday; we thank God for my awesome manager Michelle who offered to host and organize a party for Andryusha – we obviously would not be able to pull this off ourselves.

And another sweet piece of news: my only brother is a PERFECT match! Can you believe it! Not that I need it now (I’ll be using my own cells) but it’s good to know in case the auto SCT fails (which is 30% chance so they always need to have plan B). So all this good news in one day!!! We are going to Austin to celebrate. I hope I can sleep tonight -- I feel like I’ve been having a mini heart stroke all day long. A huge THANK YOU to everyone for all the prayers, positive thoughts, encouragement and all kinds of support – it all worked!!! Love and hugs, and kisses to everyone!!!

P.S.: here are some pics from our 10th aniversary and the bold me.